WebAudio Csound paper from 2018

The 2018 paper “WebAssembly AudioWorklet Csound” by Yi, Lazzarini, and Costello (and its accompanying presentation) are very helpful for understanding WebAudio Csound. Do they reflect the current state of WebAudio Csound? Can someone give a quick update on any important aspects of the project that have changed since then? How has performance improved in the past couple years?


I guess most of the AudioWorklet stuff is still relevant, but I think Steven and hlolli have been doing a lot of work on this lately so they can advise better than I. But I would say that between the docs that come with the latest version, and questions to this forum you should be in a good position to proceed. I’ve found that the performance is getting better. To be honest, I’ve rarely had any issues with performance, but I usually try to keep things simple when I’m working with web Csound.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Web Csound documentation. Sometimes I have a hard time finding where the documentation is across the Csound ecosystem, but now I see it and it looks super helpful. Thanks for your patience and generosity with all my questions!


Note that the online docs are a little behind the current releases. I got caught out with that recently :see_no_evil: