Visualize filter frequency response?

I was wondering is there is any opcode that allows for easy visualization of filter frequency response in Csound? I suppose it could be done using e.g. dispfft in some clever way, but I just wanted to know if there was a ready-to-go opcode or so?


Did you ever find a solution for this? Victor uses ctcsound to display filters response curves in his computer instruments book, but they are not real time.

Not really, though I haven’t had time to explore it properly.
I did a proof of concept a long while back where I displayed fft:s using the websocket opcode and Ed Costello’s examples with Canvas and whatnot. Worked reasonably ok so it might be an option, but it would of course be preferable with a proper opcode corresponding to something like the “freqz” function in matlab.

I haven’t really worked much with ctcsound, but as I have done some other work in python I might as well try that too. Thanks!

If the speed of JS is enough for you then I’d recommend using the web build of Csound and drawing the data to the html5 canvas.