Tutorial : mouvements in scores. Prob N°1

Good morning,

By following this tutorial (which seems to me to lack details for a beginner) I therefore installed the LPF18 filter from BlueShare and I placed it in the mixer as a Pre-Effect.
I also created the Saw Wave instrument which produces a more or less tightened “plonk”, which does not seem to me to correspond to what is described in the tutorial.
In the “Score” tab I tried to bring up the automation line for LPF18 by clicking on the small tab marked “A”, but the LPF18 effect does not appear as a pre-effect.
A few clarifications would be appreciated.

Hi ZutuX,
i made that video you are talking about, perhaps i can be of some assistance.

I looked up the LPF18 effect. This is a very old effect and does not work anymore.
This has to do with a major change in Blue- i believe 10 years ago- that makes this effect obsolete.

I updated this effect, and uploaded this on my Github page. you can find it here: GitHub - tjingboem/Blue-effects: older Blue effects, improved and standardized
Chances are this LPF18 version works.

As i am out of town, i can not test it for the coming weeks i’m afraid.
Can you give this one a try?

Hi Menno,

LPF18 appears well in the automation lane now. I had an error in my instrument, I get the sound of the video fine.