Tool to find harmony errors?

It’s going to take months for me to get Csound set up. I’ve tried all kinds of tools for various lengths of time–proprietary software, Musescore, Lilypond, Timidity, Sfztools, Audacity, Sox, and the Web Audio API. I like that it looks like a lot of people are invested in Csound, and it looks like a flexible and command-line-friendly tool.

I think over the next months that I’ll be able to port my relatively simple Web Audio patches because it looks like Csound will have any kind of additive, FM, or noise capability that I need. It would be a dream if someone has already written a tool to convert DX7 patches to Csound format, because I’m not great at setting up FM and that would broaden the range of possibilities…

But my question for today is whether there’s any tool already (preferably command-line) to check a Csound score for common harmony errors like parallel fifths? It’s a feature that I miss from a plugin that they had for Musescore 3 and earlier. Probably it’s something I could cobble together after getting * way * more familiar with Csound syntax, but it would be nice to have a wheel already invented for me.