Threading ctcsound

Hey Guys, so I am trying to use ctcsound to allow me to pass control info from a pyFLTK GUI Dial into csound ( or rather that is the goal). Performing a ctcsound instance works if I use it as shown in sections 01 and 02 in the ctcsound cookbook without creating a GUI but but if I the GUI components it does not play any sound. So I try to thread the csound instance using ctcsound.CsoundPerformanceThread() but then I get the following error:

is there a command or expression I am missing that would allow it to work. Or can I get away with out threading the ctcsound instance and thread the fltk instance instead. I am a beginner at Python so I dont even know how to do that but the idea popped into my head that that could be a possible solution.

I forgot to mention that I am running this on my Chromebook which is in developer mode. Is it possible this is why I cannot put ctcsound into a separate thread from python or why the sound ctcsound does not seem to work when ran with pyFLTK?

I do not really rely on PerformanceThread, what I do is creating a thread myself:

from threading import Thread

def csound_perf_homemade(cs):

def main():

	t =Thread(target=csound_perf_homemade, args=(my_cs_instance,))

Thank You, Cordelia I will have to try this and make sure it works for me.