Sound lags behind playback cursor

Hi! I’m new to Blue and it looks promising. Did the 1st tutorial and got it working but noticed that when I press the play button the playback cursor starts to move immediately while the sound output lags about 1/2 second behind. No I would not mind the lag if the cursor and the playback would be in sync. Is there something I can do to get them in sync?

Try going to realtime render settings in Blue’s program options and setting -b to 256 and -B to 1024. BTW: Which OS are you using?

I am on Widows 10. I tried these settings but I get very distorted output for the 1st 3 seconds or so so I reverted back to -b 4096 and -B 16384. I did find a latency setting in the Playback panel. I set this to 0.5 and it seems pretty in sync now.
Thanks F