Simulation of rain sound

has anyone written some good Csound code to realistically simulate the sound of rain?
So far the simulations (not with Csound) that I’ve listened to are always too similar to simple white noise, not very realistic.
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I don’t have any Csound code (new to Csound) but maybe these pure data patches will give you a starting point?

I own the book and the author gets into the details about the shape of a droplet and how it impacts different surfaces.

Right now I have no idea how a pure data patch would translate to Csound, but my sense is that it would be a few instruments, reading and writing from global busses.

Hearing the pure data patches might provide some ideas about how to approximate the sound without attempting to mirror the patches.

Iain McCurdy shared a simple weather instrument on the Cabbage forum some time back:

And his Shower instrument could also be put to use as a rain maker.

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Very interesting, thank you.

Hi I think I had a go at rain stuff a while back and came up with this

gkdens1 init 3.2
gkdens2 init 2.0

instr RainyNess
	amixal = noise:a(1, 0) * (pinker:a() * gkdens1)
	amixbl = amixal * (pinker:a() * gkdens2)
	afinl clip amixbl, 0, 1
	amixar = noise:a(1, 0) * (pinker:a() * gkdens1)
	amixbr = amixar * (pinker:a() * gkdens2)
	afinr clip amixbr, 0, 1

	afinl *= 0.5
	afinr *= 0.5
	out afinl, afinr
schedule("RainyNess", 0, -1)

Could be improved no doubt about that!