Simple Csound editor

I need a simple editor to embed into some reavel.js lectures slides so I threw this together. I just duplicate the sketch with a different instrument any time I need it.

The overall layout could be better but my html skills are pretty poor. If anyone makes any improvements please share!

p.s. I just realised that this looks like an image, it’s actually a fully functional Csound editor. Just hack the code and away you go.

This is great! Thanks for sharing. What’s the best way to fork and edit on this?

If you just click the source you can download the whole thing, or if you have a p5js editor account you can simply click duplicate :+1:

I made a p5js account but I’m not familiar with it enough to know how to get to the project/source. Are you talking about copying the the source from a browser’s “inspect” window or something?

If you just click the p5js icon on the top left of the link you can download the source. It doesn’t actually use anything from p5js, I just host it there for simplicity.

I don’t see a p5js icon on my screen. The editor goes all the way to the top of the screen on iOS Safari.

Sorry Andy. I had the ‘present’ link and not the actual sketch link. I’ve updated it now. :+1:

Thanks. No worries. You may have accidentally introduced me to the p5js presenter mode, which is great on iOS Safari because it’s so bare-bones and easy to work with on a touchscreen :slight_smile:

Here’s a cleaned up version that uses the latest Csound WASM beta…

Works on Chrome but not Safari yet :frowning:

:rofl: Nice, that’s a lot better. You can embed it directly into your post with an iframe btw. I think there might be some tricks to get it working on Safari, I remember having problems with it before. Let’s ping @stevenyi and see if he can help. He’s the man to know.

Ya Steven replied on Discord that it’s a known issue in Csound WASM beta 4, fixed in source already but not released yet.

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Steven showed me how to build it and I updated the sketch so it works in Safari now. Safari’s audio support isn’t great, so it’s a little glitchy at the start and if you do anything with the UI while it’s playing.
Better than nothing I guess :man_shrugging:

Nice. I just took a look through your code. I’ve a lot to learn :laughing: