Running p5.js with native Csound

I’m thinking ahead to when I might need my p5.js GUIs to use native Csound installed on my computer rather than Web Csound. This would be if I’m hitting performance limitations with running Csound in the browser. Is there a way to access the native Csound API from within the p5.js browser context?

I see Richard’s post about using p5.js and OSC to communicate with native Csound, but I was hoping to work with the Csound API rather than just sending control signals to and from a running instance of Csound via OSC.

Do you all have any suggestions?


CsoundQt has html support - you gould use your html ui there.
The html-csound API is somewhat didferent though, check out the examples under Exmples-Html5.

Otherwise communiction via websockets is probbly your best bet.


R, 26. veebruar 2021 15:35 Jason Hallen via The Csound Community <> kirjutas:

Ah, thank you Tarmo! I’ll start investigating this. I’ve looked at the HTML5 examples in CsoundQt. Is the html-Csound API documented anywhere outside of those couple examples?