Re: [Csnd] runtime failure MacOS [Solved]

Hi Luis !

Problem solved. Csound installed the framework to /Users/davephillips/Library/Frameworks. A symlink seems to have fixed things:

% csound

Usage: csound [-flags] orchfile scorefile

Legal flags are:

–Csound version 6.17 (double samples) Mar 19 2022

[commit: 95007834d8afc68b9ae465a6f65b93b23ae41709]

yep, annoyingly in the latest macos, anything installed in ~/Library/Frameworks is not searched anymore. No one from Apple has responded to enquiries about this.

Welcome back.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Hi Dave, I’m about to try the same thing, can you tell me where you had to put the symlink?



thanks Victor