Re: [Csnd] newbie questions

Jeannette, John:
thank you for your helpful comments.
For my initial post I tried to attach the .csd as a second component but things got garbled up. So my first question was:

1) Output to a .wav file by a CsOption does not work for me from CSoundQt: if I comment the -odac and uncomment the -o tmp.wav -W, my computer still produces noise and nothing gets written. So how can I from CSoundQt write output to a file?

I like to add another:
The example Just_Intonation.csd does the kind of thing that I like to try: but I do not understand the syntax. The manual for the i statement does not explain.

Q6: So in the below .csd fragment, what do the '.', '+', and '^+0' mean?

i 1 0 3 8.00 0
i . 0 . 9.00 1
i . + . 8.00 0
i . ^+0 . 8.07 1

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Try clicking on Render rather than Play.

and for your questions to the score syntax:

this may also be useful:

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