Re: [Csnd] fout

The idea of naming the files generated with fout with the real date and time is simple but great at the same time!
I will study this code well.
Thanks John!


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yes i use this all the time for internal recording via fout. it is nice to use a UDO for it:

opcode GenDate, S, 0
  itim date
  Stim dates itim
  Syear strsub Stim, 20, 24
  Smonth strsub Stim, 4, 7
  Sday strsub Stim, 8, 10
  iday strtod Sday
  Shor strsub Stim, 11, 13
  Smin strsub Stim, 14, 16
  Ssec strsub Stim, 17, 19
  S_outfile sprintf "%s%s%02d__%s_%s_%s.wav", Syear, Smonth, iday, Shor,Smin, Ssec
  xout S_outfile

and then in the code you can simply write:
fout GenDate(), ...