Re: [Csnd] [EXTERNAL] [Csnd] How to get started with the API

Rory and Victor,

I’m using Code::Blocks. How can I make it work with that? I’m willing to learn whatever I need to.


I think it’s probably better to use Visual Studio on Windows. It’s free (community edition).
Rory might have some further advice as I don’t really use Windows.

I second what Victor is saying. You will make life a whole lot easier for yourself if you switch to using Visual Studio. Its profiler, integrated debugger and various other tools make developing on Windows a lot less painful than other alternatives. As Victor says, it’s completely free.

If you must use codeblocks you’ll need to set up mingw with dependencies. I used MSYS to get my GCC/G++ usable lib on windows. But you will need to also hack the cmake file quite heavy and compile the latest pulseaudio (don’t use the one from the repository).

I never knew there was pulseaudio for windows...

Yup, that’s the way to go, Visual Studio with C++ free edition.

Portaudio* my bad lol