Re: [Csnd] A couple of questions about CSound and Python

A reply to the reply here. I was able to get it working on my Fedora Toolbox environment by adding two symbolic links:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/
sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

I think there are issues that the dnf install csound did not handle for me. The Fedora environment tries to lock down many directories, moving towards a read-only file system with containers for all user activity. The Csound install in this environment didn't make the symbolic links, perhaps because the install did not have the right permissions. I was able to see what was done in the Ubuntu container, then copy the missing files to the Fedora Toolbox and then I could make the symbolic links.

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Did you try to install the dev package? My impression is that the symlinks only get installed with that, because they assume you only need them for development.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University