Question re: Cabbage Graphics on Android

I’m trying to design a little custom Euclidian app, just in the design stage (I have finished all the Csound code but new to Cabbage Graphics).

Iain’s Bassline looks like this:

I copied some of the style code but mine looks like this:

How do I get a similiar effect with the sliders having the fade out on the top left (or right etc)?

Also, is it possible to use actual images for the background or sliders etc.? I suppose I should RTFM first but that this might be quicker. Relevant Links For Dummies welcome!

Here is the little bit of graphics code I’ve attempted as an initial test:

form caption("Euclidian"), size(470, 260), pluginID("band"), guirefresh(10) image bounds( 0, 0,615,220), colour("grey"), shape("sharp"), outlinecolour("white"), line(4)

#define RSliderStyle # trackercolour(255,255,255), colour( 0, 55,100), textcolour(0,0,0), outlinecolour(50,50,50)#

;rslider bounds( 45, 15, 45, 45), text(“1”), channel(“Note1”), range(24, 96, 60, 1, 1), $RSliderStyle

rslider bounds(10, 10, 60, 60), text(“Kick Vol”), channel(“Volume”), range(0, 1, .5, 1, .1), $RSliderStyle
rslider bounds(100, 10, 60, 60), text(“Snare Vol”), channel(“Volume”), range(0, 1, .5, 1, .1), $RSliderStyle
rslider bounds(200, 10, 60, 60), text(“HiHat Vol”), channel(“Volume”), range(0, 1, .5, 1, .1), $RSliderStyle

-dm0 -n 85mb sr = 44100 ksmps = 32 nchnls = 2 0dbfs = 1

instr 1
kData1 chnget “rslider1”
kData2 chnget “rslider2”
kData3 chnget “rslider3”

Euclidian kData1+kData2+kData3, “localhost”, 7770, “/foo/bar”, “ff”, kData1, kData2


i 1 0 [3600*24*7]

How are you running Cabbage on Android? Are you using the old app or have you built from source? The fades on the images in the first pic are from an earlier version of Cabbage. If you want that very same style now you can use an image. In fact there are several ways of doing it with images. If you search the Cabbage forum fir sliders and images you will see quite a few different posts about it. For what it’s worth, you might find you get more responses to Cabbage specific questions on the Cabbage forum. I know many members there who are not on this forum. :+1: Of course I’m happy to answers from anywhere :slight_smile:

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Thank you Rory. Yes, I’m using the app from the Cabbage site. I know nothing about coding, my only experience is about a month worth of learning Csound from scratch. I started again using an existing example as a template and then stripping everything away till I had one working slider and nothing else. All seems ok now but inevitably I’ll probably have issues when incorporating the instr code.

I’m now familiar with what’s available to read on the Cabbage site and also watched some of your YouTube vids. Thanks again for your help and contributions.