Python Opcodes Not Installed

In Windows 10, I’ve installed the latest version of Csound using Csound6_x64-windows_x86_64-6.18.0-1245.exe. The checkbox for Python was definitely checked during installation, but the Python opcodes are not present.

I checked this by running csound -z from the command prompt. None of the py opcodes are listed. I restarted the computer, reinstalled Csound, and checked again. Still no Python opcodes.

According to a reply I received on this topic in the CsoundQt forum area, the Python opcodes are no longer supported. This is very, very not good. Just last night I sent a feature article about Csound to the Synth & Software website, and in the article I touted the long-established policy that Csound is backward-compatible. But now it appears I lied. Csound is NOT backward-compatible. Older projects that Windows users might have written using the Python opcodes are now broken.

I am grievously disappointed.

I was rather looking forward to having a go at writing some kind of note generator using Python. Not that I’m proficient in Python, but it seemed like it might be fun. What external note generator program are people using these days that IS supported in Windows?