Problems running ctcsound and csoundmagics

I have installed ctcsound and csoundmagics but have been unable to run these modules in Jupiter notebook.

I followed installation instructions carefully outlined in Joachim’s tutorials but receive value errors when trying to load csoundmagics and attribute errors when trying to import ctcsound.

Csound Version 6.16
Python 3.8
macOs 11.4

hi -

i think there was an issue with the csound 6.16 installer which is fixed
now (and affected also ctcsound). if you don’t use the most recent
installer, please try this first.

otherwise, please post your error messages here. otherwise no one can help.

best -

thank you Joachim, that has solved my problem with ctcsound.

csoundmagics was still complaining, but I believe the problem was an outdated version of Francois’ cookbook files - a fresh download of the most recent versions of those and I am now up and running with csound and python!

thanks again,

glad it helped.

the error looks to me that csoundmagics cannot be found. do you have in your ~/opt/anaconda3/lib/python3.8/site-packages?

Yes, I am all set now with csoundmagics and ctcsound!

Thanks so much!