Plugin.h get_csound() inaccessible base

A bit over a year ago get_csound() was added to plugin.h in this commit. I have been using it, but I’ve needed to tweak my plugin.h as CSOUND is an inaccessible base (get_csound() just returns this), on line 56

Csound : CSOUND {


Csound : public CSOUND {

Have meant to mention this for ages but the new forum and a recent compile reminded me, thought it could be good to bring up here and see if anyone has any opinions on if there are any caveats or better approaches.

Hi @rjk I’m not sure how many of the Csound devs are hanging out here yet. It might be best to file an issue about this on github? Or just make a PR?

Thanks @rory , yes I did wonder but I thought if I write it maybe they will come… I will address on github.