Performance in Firefox vs Chrome

When I run my Web Csound project (still a work in progress) in Firefox I get lots of clicks and pops to the point where it’s unusable. However, the same code runs in Chrome beautifully with almost zero clicks and pops. Any ideas why this is? I don’t have another computer to test this out on right now, so I’m not sure if this is just a problem with my own computer or something inherent to the way Firefox and Chrome are designed.

EDIT: I did test this on another computer and found the same results. Firefox performs worse than Chrome.


It ran well here on Firefox (FF 85, macOS 10.14.6). What OS/FF version are you using?

OS is MacOS Catalina 10.15.6
FF is 78.8.0esr because I’m using a college-owned machine and they want us on ESR

Maybe this is because of the ESR version?

Could be? I believe AudioWorklets were first introduced in FF in 76:

In general it runs quite well but it may have been further optimized since 78. (Tested again here on FF 85, Win 10, also running well for me).

Just to check, when you run the page there on FF, in the developer console, do you see:

“Using WASM + AudioWorklet Csound implementation”


Yep, I see “Using WASM + AudioWorklet Csound implementation” in the console. I’ll test this out on a more recent version of FF on my computer and see if the performance improves. Will report back.


I tested the project in FF 86.0. The performance is WAY better than 78.8.0esr. It’s a night and day difference, though the playback does stall briefly at times. Performance in Chrome 88.0 is still better. Thanks for helping me figure this performance issue out.


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