Need help creating .pvx output

Trouble with syntax, this time trying to create .pvx files. The documentation I found:

The mistakes I make are regarding output and when I do Csound crashes. But this input works for me as a Command line:

-U pvanal “filename.wav”

Messages show analysis complete but I get errors writing the .pvx . Any suggestions appreciated.

I’m making some headway, pvanal is writing .pvx file now but huge and with errors. I’m using variations of:

-U pvanal -n,16 -w,1 “001.wav”

… but ouput file is huge and then I run out of memory. 001.wav is only 2 seconds long. Message output can be viewed here.

I’m not a programmer but have used computers since DOS, so not completely illiterate in command lines, but some of this is still a large learning curve for me.