Manual building still uses python2, not 3

imo line 702 of the Makefile: python should be python3
i had to change that to get the manual to build

I don’t really know anything about the manual build process, but would it be better to move to Python3? Or is this what you are proposing, your content and subject seem to conflict :man_shrugging:

yes sorry, i have a weakness for contradictions…:slight_smile:
i am not a developer, but read that python2 support for Csound has stopped. And i couldn’t get the manual to build, so i just tried something out. Changed, in line 702 of the Makefile, the command python to python3 and suddenly the manual was building.
Hence my message for the developer, as he/she is a better judge than me in this matter.

I’d say go for it, and don’t look back :wink: On the other hand, it might be best to ask the other manual maintainers if they are happy to move to using Python3…

thanks for your contradiction, you made my day!
(just to be sure and to build a bridge between possible different cultures and feelings for what is humor and what is not- this was intended as a small joke…)

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