Mandel.csd - new version?

Hello all! I’m a new user of csound within Max MSP. My project is a musicalisation of the Mandelbrot set.

Running the example mandel.csd does produce a musical phrase. However, the opcode is not contained within the example file. I assume then that this musical phrase cannot be said to be fractal…and what actually is it about this code which makes it a representation of the Mandelbrot set?

I discovered this discussion on github csound, which puts forward an alternative code. What makes this code fractal / a better Mandelbrot representation than the original?

I also experimented with changing Kx/ky/maxIter…but get no results. Actually I don’t know what the parameter range is / could be.

Does anyone know of any other attempts to update mandel.csd? Or have any pointers.

Thank you!

I think the fact it actually uses the mandel opcode make it a better representation than the original, which as you say doesn’t even use that opcode.

Can you post a sample .csd file?

Finally, on the github issues page you ask why use p8, p3, and p9. Parameter-fields (p-fields) are used to pass data from a score to an instrument. So if you want to pass different values to your instrument you can do so by changing the score rather than the instrument code.

all true…the example of mandel in mandel example does not contain use of mandel · Issue #525 · csound/manual · GitHub is nice in that it uses the mandel opcode. The old example does not.
But mandel is still shrouded in mysteries (i believe this is the right expression?) and AsterixMusic is trying to get his head around this.

The opcode was written by Gabriel Maldonado, but we were so far unable to contact him for further explanation.
So this is still a work in progress…

If you are experimenting with mandel and do get some decent result, please share them here or in that issue mandel example does not contain use of mandel · Issue #525 · csound/manual · GitHub.

Thank you both for your comments!

I will proceed with some experiments and report back.

Where can I connect with AsterixMusic?

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Hello, I’m here… AsterixMusic
Still investigating Mandelbrot, I don’t know what “Mandel” opcode exactly do…