Logging csound print in Xcode

Hey all

I’m trying my hand at some iOS development and can’t seem to figure out how to get csound methods like print, printk, etc to show up in the XCode console. What is the typical way to go about doing this? Thanks in advance!


I don’t recall ever having issues with this. I typically implement one of Csound’s message logging callback methods and then print messages received there to the console. Keep in mind that I’ve only ever done iOS/Csound development with JUCE, which I guess is different to implementing it all with native iOS tools.

How do you like JUCE? I was looking at that but wound up jumping into just using XCode just cause my worry with frameworks like that is always abandonment or eventually not supporting older devices. That’s why I opted for Objective C over Swift for iOS development. But if JUCE is reliable enough maybe that’s the way to go to make releasing for Android/iOS more feasible.

I wound up finding some information in the documentation on setting up logging properly so feel free to disregard.

I kind of bought into JUCE a long time ago because of its plugin wrappers. The nice thing is you can target multiple platforms with more or less the same code base. So if you produce an iOS app, it would be trivial to port it to any number of platforms.