Live phrase looper

Hello everyone,

First and foremost I’d like to thank the authors of Csound for having put out such a brilliant little piece of software. In a few hours I was capable of building my own little synth and I must say it’s really satisfying!

My goal use for Csound would be live performance, and in order to get deeper in my practice, I’d like to make a live phrase looper. I haven’t been able to find a .csd looper so I started scratching my head about making it myself.

Basically it’d be a standalone .csd with only MIDI connections (obviously). When activated, it records MIDI inputs. At all times, it sends MIDI messages (with midiout commands) over a virtual MIDI loopback that acts like just another MIDI input port to the ‘real’ .csd files connected to the DAC. A little graphic speaks more clearly than I ever could :

The big challenge seems to be recording MIDI messages with the correct timing. I guess it could be done with k-arrays containing the timing of each note relative to the start of measure and MIDI datas.
While I think it’s a viable setup, having very little experience with csound, I’d like to ask you: do you think it’d be feasible?

Thank you for your attention,

Hi @sylsau, welcome to the forum! Why use two .csd files? I would just handle the MIDI / live looping / audio effects all in the one .csd file. Like this:


I think building a live phrase looper in Csound is totally feasible and something that has been done 100s of times. If you get stuck just ask.

Thanks Rory!

After some reflection I decided to put this project on hold and I’ll more likely use a loop pedal in the future.
I’m still getting the hang of csound so this’ll wait.

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