Jagged arrays in csound?

Hey all,
First time posting here. I’m working on a new program where it would be much cleaner if there was the possibility of using jagged arrays in the init pass. Has anybody been able to do this or is there a good way to have an array where each row is a pointer to an array? I’m new to csounds, but not to C, but the syntax/structure seems quite different and I can’t find any information on if implementing a data structure like this is feasible in csounds.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I think a multidimensional array is your best hope here. Although each row will have to be the same length, you can reserve the first index of each row as the row size. It’s a little cumbersome but should work ok, maybe?

Yeah I wound up going with this solution, not quite as pretty but it gets the job done. Thanks for the response