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Searching for an opcode via Google often returns the desired documentation result, but on csounds/com (note the trailing s). Example:

This has been a source of frustration because csounds/com has documentation that isn’t fully up-to-date (as of this writing, it’s reflective of Version 6.06, whereas csound/com is reflective of Version 6.15.0).

If SEO can’t be improved sufficiently to oust csounds/com from the top result, perhaps it’s worth asking its owner to implement HTTP 301 redirects. Having one canonical source of documentation would go a long way to streamlining things.

Agreed. It’s extremely frustrating. A redirect would be great. I asked @Doctor_B about this on the Csound mailing list a while back. He said he would look into it but I don’t think he has the time. If someone with some web chops were to offer to help that would be great…

When Rory asked, I essentially took down the home page and put up a big square (when you land) that takes you to

  • that button has the title: Csound (and so, there should be no confusion)

After the end of the semester, I will look things over and do more to make it less confusing.

  • sorry about the ‘frustration’

PS: The student who was managing my site for me graduated in 2015 and is doing great in LA now, but… things have not been attended to on the Web side - sorry about that.

Thanks @Doctor_B. Just to clarify, I don’t find it frustrating that is still active. It’s merely the fact that out of date documentation that is hosted there. Thanks for looking into it. :+1:

I’ve web chops and can help out here if @Doctor_B isn’t opposed. It shouldn’t involve much more than editing the web server configuration file.

Here’s an article on how to go about it with nginx.

Let’s try to redirect the man pages with your help or their help or some help and advice

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