Implementing widgets

Hello everyone,

I am starting to include widgets in all my old csound files, looking for a way to make this passage quicker.
Now I have two basic orchestras, the first one with frequency and amplitude perturbated by a random generator, the second one without the random generator. The second one has a distortion I can’t explain. May you please help me?

Thank you!

PS: I haven’t still put all the tables in the header because I made them using the OM2Csound library of Open Music, that create a format suitable for the score.

VCO_base_graph.csd (54.7 KB)
VCO_base_graph2.csd (45.3 KB)

The same issue with these two orchestras.
The first one without widgets, the second one with widgets.

foscili_lfo_01_09_pch_part.csd (46.8 KB)
foscili_lfo_01_graph.csd (228.2 KB)