How To Send Messages To Csound's UDP Server

I am trying to set up a live coding session with Steven Yi’s Live Code library. I downloaded livecode.csd and livecode.orc and entered ‘csound livecode.csd’ in the terminal. Once I ran it, I tried typing something in the terminal but nothing shows up. How do I input commands to the server? I’m on Windows 10 if that helps.

Greetings! You’ll need a text editor that can send text over UDP to Csound. I use vim myself with the csound-repl plugin (GitHub - kunstmusik/csound-repl: Vim plugin for live coding with Csound). I had wanted to add UDP sending to VS Code but hadn’t found time to do so but maybe this is a good motivator. What text editor are you using?

BTW: Other options are to use Blue or CsoundQT. You won’t have to use UDP with either of those as they use the API to send code to Csound.


Using UDP messages is a powerful tool and can be used in CsoundQt or Cabbage (I guess), too, for example controlling you performance from a tablet in distance or having several people who control one Csound instance.

I once wrote a program CsoundRemote that you can use for sending some simple commands or write your own UI in QML language for extended usage. In fact you can export your more widgets panel (not all widgets supported though) from CsoundQt and load in CsoundRemote in other computer or handheld device. I have used it in several performances.

Project page:



(Oh, seems I did not do a Windows build then…)

Anyway - perhaps it is useful just to know it exists.

Also, I attach a Jupyter Notebook (python in your browser) scketch to try out sending UDP commands.


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(Attachment sendUdpCsoundMessages.ipynb is missing)

I wasn’t using any text editor. Didn’t know I needed to. At least now I know what I need to do. Thanks for the help!