How do I edit Freeverb Values

Hello, new to Csound, I am just listening to freeverb, but would like to adjust the FBCF and APF values?

But I can not see these in the script.

Thank you.

What script? Do you mean opcode? You don’t have access to the inner comb and allpass filters with the Csound freeverb opcode. It abstracts all that stuff for you and provides higher level controls. If you like you can build your own freeverb using delay lines. In that way you can have total control over every aspect of the algorithm.

Ah. OK, didnt know the terminology, is it possible to ‘save as’ and then edit freeverb opcode, just so I can see how it is constructed?

Thanks for getting back to me.

No, you would need to check the source code, which is most likely an implementation of this. Csound opcodes are written in C. So if you look inside them you won’t find opcodes. UDOs(User Defined Opcodes) on the other hand are made up of opcodes.

Great, thanks a mill for the help.