File path to CsBeats binary?

Hi, wonder if you can help me please, or if I can help by contributing somehow at GitHub (just learning the ropes there).

I’ve been focusing on making CsBeats work, so I can express my compositions slightly more musically at the score level. On my local machine, I just put <CsScore bin="/usr/bin/csbeats">
as my score header tag. Works fine :slight_smile:

I’m now wondering how to do the same on the Web IDE; I’ve tried a few things, but it’s not clear to me where, if anywhere, the csbeats binary might live.

So I’d really appreciate knowing how to call it, or if I can help somehow to make it available.

Thanks all for this superb body of work!

I’m not sure csbeats is supported with the web build of Csound. :thinking:

Ok thanks. I’m having varying results with including the bin= element. It does seem to be reading a csbeats-formatted score though, without the bin=“csbeats” !! Delightful confusion here. Will keep trying.