Dear Csound community,

Since Csound takes an important place in my composition process, I’d very much like to make some donations in order to support its development and testify my gratitude for your work generously shared. I also think about the superb manual : thanks to @joachim, Iain McCurdy and others for this very precise and inspiring book !

How could I make such donation to support the collective effort ?

Waiting to meet you in a few months / years, I wish you a good job and good luck for further development, the restructuring of the site and the organization of the next conferences.


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dear ChB -

of course i can only speak for myself here: thanks for this very nice
email. as you see from the silence which followed, we don’t have any
button for it. i’d say for now: if you want to support, give any input
you can give. for instance for the floss manual, make suggestions what
could be better, or for the website etc. pull requests are always the
most welcomed way, but any other way is good, too. the energy derives
from our engagement and collaboration.