CsoundQt 1.1.1: Where are the Examples?

I’m still waiting for an answer to my audio output question, but here’s another question while I wait. The Examples menu in CsoundQt is empty. Apparently no examples are installed with the installer. (The purpose of an installer being, you know, to install things, this is a bit perplexing.)

According to the CsoundQt github page, “Examples has new structure. The menu is populated from folder src/Examples and the main examples are not compiled into the CsoundQt binary any more. All examples can share one common pool of resources (src/Examples/SourceMaterials/).” This might be helpful information, except that the installation doesn’t have a folder called src.

So, uhh, where are the examples?

Which CsoundQt zip file did yo download and extract?
CsoundQt-1.1.1+Csound-6.18.0-Win64.zip or CsoundQt-1.1.1-Win64.zip ?

I can see now that Examples folder is in the first one but not second, indeed.

I will fix that tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback!


P.S. CsoundQt 1.1.2 is in release candidate state but since I have a new machine to build it for Windows, it has some problems with Windows 11 so that is not out yet…

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