Csoundmagics vs ctcsound

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following Joachim’s video and cookbook on using Csoundmagics and PySimpleGUI to create a GUI for my music generator. My generator is a Python program that creates algorithmic compositions and renders them in Csound. Can someone clarify for me the additional advantages of using Csoundmagics versus using only the underlying ctcsound module?

Unless I’m mistaken, it seems that using Csoundmagics requires me to be in a live iPython or Jupyter Notebook environment, whereas using ctcsound can be done with plain Python. For that reason I’d prefer to just use ctcsound, but maybe there are other big advantages with Csoundmagics?


hi jason -

in csoundmagics.py included is the ICsound class (starting at line 222) which simplifies some workflows (at least for me). i don’t think it is necessary to use it in a live environment.

best -

Thanks for the response, Joachim. Being totally new to iPython magics, I thought that since you load Csoundmagics via the %load_ext command that it had to be called in a live environment, but I see that I can access the ICsound class with a normal import csoundmagics command. That answers my question. Thanks!