Csound~ Max object not working in a Max for Live instrument


I’m trying to control a Csound instrument using the csound~ Max object in a Max for Live instrument.

The instrument is just a test, an simple event sent to a Csound instrument, and works in a Max patch, also works in a M4L instrument - when the Max patch is open and I can edit it (with the little edit button on the M4L instrument).
=> Whenever I save and close the Max window, no sound comes from the instrument anymore and this message appears in Max console :
“csound~: Can’t compile. Please provide a valid csound message first.” (which doesn’t appear when the instrument is opened in Max with the tiny edit button on the M4L instrument)

I don’t know really know how to use Max, but I know it should be working. I tried to freeze the patch in Max, to reinstall it, use another version of Live : the problem is still there.

Does anyone use the csound~ object in M4L and has an idea of what’s going on ?
Thanks a lot


Hi @JacquesG I’m afraid I have no idea what’s going on here :frowning: You say you don’t really know Max, then why are you trying to use it to run Csound? It seems like you’re just making things harder for yourself. If your goal is to simply run Csound in a DAW you can use Cabbage for this.

In the meantime, I hope somewhere here can offer some advice on why Csound~ isn’t working for you.

Hi Rory,
You are right I just want to run Csound on a DAW ! The thing is I really like Vim as a text editor and I struggle reading with the bold font in Cabbage. I don’t want to use Cabbage only to export VSTs !
Is there a way to make the font normal in Cabbage ? Thank you !

Yeah, Cabbage uses Deja Vu Sans Mono Bold. I used to provide an option of letting users change the font, but it led to endless silly questions about why thinks look strange when users selected fonts that weren’t monospaced. But I guess i could look into offering more options on the font front. In the mean time, you can simply export a VST. Open the embedded .csd in VIM and away you go. You can even use autoUpdate(1) and the plugin will update whenever you save changes.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I’ll actually do that ! Or I can just get used to reading bold fonts :melting_face:
Thanks a lot for reminding me I’m overcomplicating things

I’ve added a simple font selector :slight_smile: You can grab the latest beta build here when it’s finished cooking.


Note that it will only give you access to system fonts, and i can’t say if they will all load Ok. So use it at your own risk. :+1:

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Thanks a lot !!! That’s very kind of you :star_struck: