Csound + librosa crash due to NUMBA (python27.dll Windows)

Hi guys, I’m working on a project where I encountered a very Windows specific issue related to Csound crashing, if run in conjunction with librosa.

We managed to find out the issue originating from Numba; one of my friends has been fighting with the Numba guys, but they seem to have no intention in doing anything about it.

Do you think there is anything that can be done from csound’s end?

Should I just put in the project a disclaimer to windows users to delete python27.dll from system32 if they have python 2.7 installed?

Here is the thread to check out: https://github.com/numba/numba/issues/6862

Let me know if you have any suggestions, if not that’s also fine. May still be an interesting thread to read, kind of a really weird bug ahahah

Leo Foletto

Do you have the python opcodes installed? If so, could you try removing them? I wonder if that is what is bringing in the python 2.7 dependency.

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@stevenyi Installing csound without python 2.7 option ticked seems to work for fixing this issue. I’ll try removing the python opcodes, haven’t tried it.

I’m just trying to understand what would be the most simple thing to do for a user who’s downloading the open source project I’m working on from Github, I guess a readme saying to ‘install csound without python 2.7’ so far seems like the easiest route.

I was going to say you might do a check to see if the python opcodes are installed using csound’s list opcodes feature, but then I remembered I think Francois had redone the opcodes to work with Python 3 in a separate repo. I think a README or install instructions might be the best option at the moment.