Csound in C program

Hello there! I made a turn based battle game in C and I want to make realtime sounds for it with Csound. Is this possible?

Of course. You can use the Csound API. Examples for various languages can be found here

Thank you Rory. You have a nice day. there aren’t any tutorials on how to use Csound in C so i’m having a bit of a headache but hopefully i’ll figure it out- cheers~


Isn’t this a minimal example you are looking for:
(from the same folder Rory pointed to).

I have used Csound in several Qt C++ projects (that is basically the same, just with a wrapper class) amd it works very well.


Kontakt Ignacio Navarro Azurmendi via The Csound Community (<noreply@forum.csound.com>) kirjutas kuupäeval N, 2. juuni 2022 kell 18:27:

Thank you for your input! I will check this out. I’m super new to using an API so It’ll probably take some time. there’s a lot to digest :slight_smile: but i was 100% clueless and now I have some resources to use so thanks. bummer that these resources sometimes make me more clueless ha but that’s just me being new to all this hahah. Like 1st step is to make an import library which i don’t really know what that is. Time will tell! Cheers! ~