Csound Contribution Guidelines

Hi everyone! I am Shanee and I’m with Open@RIT. We have been working with Prof. Steven Yi on developing community guidelines and resources to streamline contributions and community engagement. While we are new to the Csound community, many of our recommendations come from popular open source theory such as Nadia Eghbal’s Working in Public book. These suggestions are simply recommendations from us and we hope to start some productive conversations around how we can create a better and more effective Csound community.

Contribution Guidelines

In the github for the Csound website, the Contribution Guidelines are located in the README file. In github, your Contribution Guidelines should be in their own separate document. Your README file should have a link to that document under a “Contributions” section.

Csound users have suggested adding a set of rules or best practices guide regarding how to contribute to the Csound repo with pull requests in Core Development. Contribution guidelines are often very specific to each individual project but by using an existing format and template, it can help foster discussions about requirements and process.

For assistance in making these changes as well as further suggestions, we encourage you to check out this contributing guide template that provides all sorts of helpful tips in creating and effective contribution guide: GitHub - nayafia/contributing-template: Template for writing your own contributing guide.


I really like this idea and imagine it would help making contributing an easier process for everyone. +1 to having this implemented in Csound’s repo.