Csound and Metasounds in Unreal Engine


With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5 Early Access there’s now a very promising sound synthesis system called Metasounds (more info here: MetaSounds: The Next Generation Sound Sources | Unreal Engine Documentation ). This has an API that makes it easier to create new processing nodes, so I was then wondering if there would be a way of incorporating Csound’s opcodes into it. Is there something setup in Csound’s API that would make it easy to call individual opcodes for sample processing? If yes, then all that might be needed is to wrap them with the Metasounds API to use them in the graph.

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@stevenyi did some work on this. It would be great to have this in UE5.


Thank you Rory! Looks like a great paper and exactly what I needed. Also, thank you @stevenyi

Keep us posted on your progress. :wink: