[Csnd] Windows XP builds

I've recently completed some Csound builds for Windows XP, both 32 and 64 bit. They can be found on the following page which I will keep updated with any future builds or when the couple of caveats are overcome:


Hopefully may be of use to someone.
all the best

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Thanks. Should we link to it from csound.com?

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Yes, if you think it will be useful, please do. If you'd prefer to put a direct link to the zips I'd probably be best to do a packaged build with the installer for 6.16 (which I will get round to at some point).
Maybe the former, as it describes the caveats/limitations a bit, if there's a place on csound.com the link to the page could fit.


I think the binary zips are enough actually. Would you be able to produce builds for 6.16.1 (using the sources released in the 6.16.1 page)?
That would make it more uniform with the rest of the Windows release.

For now, I have pushed a news item on Windows XP and updated the downloads pages to include your 6.17-beta releases.

Thanks again.

Please note that ( even in the latest 6.16.1 ) you are not packaging with the latest 6.16 manuals... the ones that actually show. "What's New in 6.16.0 or 6.16.1"

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music

I know that. There is no difference between 6.16.1 and 6.16.0 besides the turnoff/turnoff2 click bugfix. So it’s the same manual, the version is 6.16.
There is no 6.16.1 manual.

It seems that when you did the original 6.16 build, you might not have included the correct version of the manual.
It was missing the “what’s new” section and some other things.

My hope was that when you did the 6.16.1 build, that it would include the more complete version, but it did not.

  • if there is any chance to get the more recent manual included - that would be great.
  • if not, if there were instructions (that worked) to show how to build the manual (on the Mac) that would be great (and then one could link to this from their CsoundQt
    ((John ffitch and I tried the other day to build the HTML manual on the MacOS Catalina (and had no success))

The manual was not changed because it’s correct, the sections you mention are not essential, they were added later by François. I built the manual
from git at the time of the release and did not change it later.We need someone to take care of the manual to make sure it is synchronised with the
release, which in this case wasn’t.

In any case, the manual is easily available online, you don’t need to build it. All you need is to clone csound.github.io. It’s all there. Instructions to
build it are in the manual repository README.md. Also if you clone the manual repository and checkout the gh-pages branch you should be able to
access the latest build, which is published in https://csound.com/manual

Yes, no problem, I have compiled 6.16.1 and updated Csound builds
The direct links are here too, using a similar naming convention to the official releases:


Worth noting, I think these should run OK on newer versions of Windows - at least they work with a cursory test on the Win10 I used to build with.

Great, thanks. I'll update the links.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

It's also great to have a more recent 32bit windows binary. The one we had was 6.08.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Yes, I did notice the last 32bit one was 6.08, hopefully the lack of Fluidsynth opcodes and virtual keyboard aren't too much of a concession though.

I'll revisit sometime soon - looks like the Fluid issue is actually to do with threading in glib, and I may have a theoretical fix. Virtual keyboard is due to thread local storage in DLLs not being supported in XP (something in FLTK lib), will keep you informed if I make any progress.

Please consider adding and releasing RaspberryPi 4 and Bela Binaries too.

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music