[Csnd] When do you use faust?

Hi folks, hoping to solicit some subjective opinions here. I’m interested to hear when and why you use faust within csound. I don’t know it yet, but have been curious about it for a while. the fact that one can use faust in csound, Max, and max’s gen, as well as standalone seems compelling, but I don’t really know for what it excels.

(looking forward to receiving my copy of Victor’s book with the csound, python, and faust examples!)


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To my use, faust is good for implementing DSP that would be slow if implemented with a UDO. However there are
the issues that spectral processing in the way we do in Csound (streaming, overlapping analysis) and oversampling
are not possible currently in faust.

Btw, I don’t use Faust in the latest book, but Python and Csound. I used it in an earlier volume though.

Thanks Victor, good to know. I ordered two, the Spectral book and the first volume of designing computer instruments (which has Faust and Python, correct?). Looking forward to them!

That’s right, that is the one.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University