[Csnd] triglinseg and trigexpseg inconsistency

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the triggered linseg and expseg opcodes have a name inconsistency and slight mismatch in the manual.

The manual describes the two is "triglinseg" and "trigexpseg", which is whas I would expect. Having had errors with those, I ran csound -z and found:
trigLinseg and trigExpseg .

Either one could be changed to match the other, but I'd personally wish the manual to be correct with the all lowercase spelling. :slight_smile:

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What does the manual example use?

I think lowercase is the way to go for these. I can fix this and make a PR

who’s the author?

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Aug 29 2021, Victor Lazzarini has written:

What does the manual example use?

It uses the capitalised version:
aEnv trigLinseg kTrig, 0, .2, 1, .2, .5, .2, .7, .2, 0

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So if we change this now we might break people's code.

i think it is very recent code and as jeanette mentioned it is written in lowercase in the manual:

or having an alias trigExpseg -> trigexpseg?

The manual is wrong I think. Should be lower case.

Well the manual differs from the manual example, so I don’t know.

My bad, I think changing the opcodes to lowercase is a good idea. These aren’t on the wild long…

Could just have both, as is done with Butterworth filters

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That’s also possible. Whatever you think is best. I went be able to anything until tomorrow. :+1:

best solution.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University