[Csnd] some Csound pieces (This is where we live and I am standing on the porch )

Dear Csound folks,

I've been a happy user of Csound for over twenty years (and lurking
on this mailing list for quite a while) and I wanted
to say hello by sharing a set of pieces I've made recently.
I made them in February for the RPM Challenge ( https://www.rpmchallenge.com/ )
which I've participated in for many years (I highly recommend it!).

The tracks were all made with Csound using various
samples I've recorded. The basic idea was layering and filtering,
with some ring modulation on one track (which I hope isn't too obvious).
I wanted to keep things simple, opcode-wise, and instead use many, many layers,
and see what I could come up with that way.

The tracks are on Soundcloud and Bandcamp (at the latter, it may be easier
to download them en mass if you want to do that).

Comments would be welcome!



.csd files ?

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Hi Pablo,

I used an .orc file and a .sco file for each track.
Here is one .orc file. It is quite simple, with just one
simple instrument. This is the one for the final track, Float Across the Smooth Portion.