[Csnd] risset 2.0

Hi all,

In tandem with a release candidate of csoundqt () there is a new designed version of risset, a package manager for csound external packages. This new version of csoundqt has initial support for risset: it will detect plugins installed in this way and incorporate syntax highlighting, completion and help files for opcodes defined in such plugins.

The current list of plugins is:

$ risset list

* else /1.11.0         | Miscellaneous plugins [installed: 1.11.0]
* pathtools /1.11.0    | Cross-platform path handling and string opcodes [installed: 1.11.0]
* klib /1.11.0         | A hashtable for csound [installed: 1.11.0]
* beosc /1.11.0        | Band-enhanced oscillators implementing the sine+noise synthesis model [installed: 1.11.0]
* jsfx /1.11.0         | jsfx support for csound [installed: 1.11.0]
* poly /1.11.0         | Multiple (parallel or sequential) instances of an opcode [installed: 1.11.0]
* sndmeta /1.11.0      | opcodes using libsndfile [installed: 1.11.0]
* risset /1.11.0       | Opcodes to access risset package metadata [installed: 1.11.0]
* vst3 /0.3.0          | Host vst3 plugins in csound [installed: 0.3.0]
* chua /0.1.0          | Implementation of a Chua oscillator [installed: 0.1.0]
* hdf5 /0.1.0          | Read/Write signals and arrays to/from an hdf5 file [installed: 0.1.0]
* python /0.1.0        | Opcodes to interact with an embedded python interpreter [manual]

Most plugins are supported in all platforms.

risset is implemented in python3 and needs python >= 3.8. To install it or upgrade it:

python -m pip install --upgrade risset

For more information:


Eduardo Moguillansky

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