[Csnd] Out-of-date information on front ends on csound.com

Hi all,

https://csound.com/get-started.html says :

“Csound ships with an editor called CsoundQT which provides syntax highlighting of text, as well as a vast array of useful functions. While CsoundQT is the default editor for Csound it is not the only Csound-based editor available to users.”

but 6.15 release notes https://csound.com/docs/manual/PrefaceWhatsNew.html say:

“Starting from this release, no third-party graphic frontends are shipped with the installation packages on MacOs and Windows. Users should install their choice of frontend separately”

It would be much clearer for new and returning users if the getting started page on thewebsite were corrected.


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I also notice that in the later MIDI usage section it indicates that an 'f0'
statement is required, which hasn't been the case for quite a while.
(I just normally leave the <CsScore> section completely blank for MIDI,
unless some other customization is needed.)

  -- Pete --

thanks for the feedback to both! i will correct it tonight if no one beats me to it.