[Csnd] [OT] Sighted feedback/help on closed-eye-perception

Hey hey,
I'm working on something with Csound, revolving around the idea of closed-eye-perception. I have it, sometimes in the evening. I looked up the phenomenon of cloured lights and sometimes even patterns behind closed eyelids, which arise especially after a day with much brain activity. Mahts in particular was mentioned.

Now, I only have one - sort of - sighted eye and so I was wondering about stronger CEP of people with two sighted eyes.

Does anyone of you get it and would tell me a little bit about it, naturally I'd be fine with that going on off-list. I am curious about patterns. If there are "strong" or clear patterns, do you get a stereoscopic image, like the two eyes would really look at one "invisible" picture or are there separate images for each eye? Is there a different intensity of images for two eyes or different probabilities of certain colours?

I'd appreciate any feedback, that would include external material if it answers these questions.

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Hi Jeanette. I meant to write back sooner, but got distracted. This is something I experience too from time to time. In my experience I see a single pattern at a time. It typically lasts a few seconds before another pattern appears. The patterns usually appear as blobs, or in some cases as fractal type images. The patterns constantly evolve and change over time, they are anything but static. The colours are less consistent than the patterns. Sometimes they will be quite strong, other times they will be more subdued. I’ve never thought about triggers for this phenomenon, indeed I would never have thought of this as a phenomenon until I read your post.

Nov 17 2021, Rory Walsh has written:

In my experience I see a
single pattern at a time.

So, it is like you see the same pattern with both eyes, like you were
looking at an internal wall.

Btw. I made a mistake, the phenomenon is called closed eye
visualisations and a good trigger - besides illegal substances - is long
periods of concentrated brain activity.

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Yes, both eyes are focused on a single image. And I should say that I experience this with or without illegal substances :joy: