[Csnd] OPL3 (YMF262) FM synthesis emulation

I am very fond of Yamaha's approach to FM synthesis and have enjoyed the Csound models of the DX7 (Csound DX7 Patch Translator) and TX81z (GitHub - gleb812/cs81z: A Csound based model of Yamaha TX81Z synthesizer). However I have found these both a bit tricky to incorporate into wider Csound documents in a kind of modular/reusable way.

The YMF262 was a chip used in a number of old soundcards including the Sound Blaster 16, and continued a precedent of similar chips being used starting with the Adlib cards, essentially a budget but still expressive version of chips found in Yamaha's pro audio synths.

As there are a number of stable and quite accurate emulations of the YMF262, I have used libADLMIDI to create a Csound plugin which offers quite easy access to the synthesis parameters.

The source is in a git repository here: csound-opl - OPL3 FM synthesis emulation for Csound using libADLMIDI
There are a few examples including a patch/instrument editor with a FLTK gui for all available parameters.
There's a basic demo video of that here (http://plugins.csound.1bpm.net/files/vid/opl-demo1.mp4) and another demo video showing all of the examples (http://plugins.csound.1bpm.net/files/vid/opl-demo2.mp4).

Hopefully may be of some use to someone.
All the best,

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wo, that's cool. been looking for a way to get back into csound fm!