[Csnd] Online PLAYABLE Csound Reference Manual

This is to announce an updated version of my online version of the Csound Reference Manual. This has been moved to its own GitHub repository at https://github.com/gogins/csound-extended-manual.

To access the manual itself, use your Web browser to go here:


This version of the manual uses an embedded WebAssembly build of Csound to play any example in the manual right in your Web browser. Many, many more opcodes now have decent examples thanks to the outstanding work of Menno Knevel and others. Not all of the examples will render without errors, but examples that do not use external resources such as samples or soundfiles should play just fine.

This playable manual is synchronized with the canonical manual’s GitHub repository periodically. The current version is up to date with Csound 6.15.


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General question:
Is it possible to incorporate MIDI hardware control into Web-based Csound?

I’m referencing here both Michael’s WebAudio (and his excellent playable Csound Manual) and Victor’s CSDPlayer example. I’d assume -M0, as in the playable manual example for ctrl7. (That example works fine as is, on console Csound.) It would be a substantial enhancement for MIDI to be available to perform examples like ctrl7.

Victor: If this is not possible (or in addition to the above), could you enhance your WebAudio CSDPlayer example with 9 sliders and (optionally) 9 buttons (sliders 1-9 and butt 1-9, or similar terminology to Android) to provide for at least Web performance with simulated MIDI? It certainly would enhance working with live-performance, Web-based Csound. (Or perhaps someone else would like to undertake such a project?)

I’m trying to put together materials that facilitate working in a Chrome browser, including with MIDI input, and only your .csd file - where all performance and editing take place in the browser and Csound is not available locally. (The idea is that someone - particularly students - working on a variety of computers, with only his .csd’s on a thumb drive and his MIDI controller for live performance, might get valuable work done on-line. In other words, omewhat like what is possible currently on Android devices, but more fruitfully on your average larger laptops/PC’s with USB connections for typical MIDI devices.

I’d appreciate feedback.