[Csnd] New Video Tutorial for Blue

Hi all,

i just uploaded a new Video Tutorial:

The External Scores in Blue tutorial shows how algorithmic scores are generated in Blue, in particular how this is done using 3rd party score generating programs (programs that are not part of Blue).

Blue is an Integrated Music Environment, powered by Csound. Developer of Blue is Steven Yi. This program can be downloaded at https://blue.kunstmusik.com/


  • importing from BlueShare

  • ObjectBuilder: nGen Score Generator. (nGen itself must be installed: http://mikelkuehn.com/index.php/ng)

  • ObjectBuilder: AthenaCL Score Generator. (AthenaCL for Python3 must be installed: https://github.com/ales-tsurko/athenaCL)

  • how to deal with Note Processors that are variable over time in combination with Scaling of the Objects

  • CsBeats

Voice Over: Mieke Bába

Editor: Icu Knevel

Director: Menno Knevel (http://www.geluidsmanvanhetnoorden.nl/)

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Nice video!


WOW. Thanks again for another inspiring tutorial.

Your tutorials always give me the confidence to venture into the Deep “Blue” Csound.

Thanks so so much.

Wat is de exacte link? Het is een beetje een zoekplaatje…


ja stom de link zit er niet eens bij, sorry

Sorry everyone, forgot to mention the link:

Thank you for a good demonstration video. Versatility with External Scores is a great
strength of Blue.

Cmask Jmask nGgen and I am thrilled to see Common Music run as a Blue External Score.

Csound driven from a Lisp such as Emacs Lisp or particularly SBCL as with Ric Taube's
Common Music, is a wonderful programming composing experience.

Thanks for sharing.
I have never used Blue, but tempted to start using.