[Csnd] New instrument: handpan

Hey hey,
I just released this instrument:
It's a full orchestra, easily modifiable to work with supported MIDI and audio I/O. The scale can be changed to whatever you wish. There are two examples provided (see the giNote ftable in the header).

The handpan responds to MIDI velocity, turning up the modwheel (MIDI CC 1) beyond halfway will change the striking sound. Playing notes not in the scale will "strike" the resonator, i.e. any part of the instrument that isn't a clear note.

I played a Rav drum last weekend and found the experience very pleasurable and inspiring. So I wanted to design a substitute for Csound, thinking that it couldn't be too difficult. :slight_smile: In the end each "tine" or note bit is made up of two mode filters and two waveguides. The resonator is created from single note resonators, each consdisting of two waveguides and one mode filter. Both notes and resonator are on all the time, only the strikes are triggered from MIDI.

I'm thinking about a short demo, but it will have to wait, until a few other projects are out of the way. :slight_smile: I really shouldn't have written that instrument right now. :slight_smile:

Best wishes and enjoy,