[Csnd] new Blue tutorial: Internal Scores

i just uploaded a new Blue tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS3Fszd460w
This is my 3rd Blue tutorial, and i am working on a new one, called: External Scores


The Internal Scores in Blue tutorial shows how algorithmic scores are generated in Blue. This tutorial demonstrates how this is done by Objects that are part of Blue. Blue is an Integrated Music Environment, powered by Csound. Developer of Blue is Steven Yi. This program can be downloaded at https://blue.kunstmusik.com/ Contents: - creating scores using JMask - JMask versus CMask - Freeze/Unfreeze scores - introduction to Note Processors - use languages like Python/JavaScrip/Clojure as Objects in Blue Voice Over: Mieke Bába Editor: Icu Knevel Director: Menno Knevel (http://www.geluidsmanvanhetnoorden.nl/)

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What a wonderful wonderful tutorial.

  • clear
  • inspiring
  • eautifully edited, narrated, & produced.

There is so much power in Blue, and I am so grateful to you (and your fantastic team) for making these tutorials and helping me and all of us more fully appreciate Steven’s wonderful Composing and Production environment for Csound.

Blue truly is the Csound DAW.


Thanks so much.

Can’t wait for the next one - and to share all these with my students.

Take care,

This is a fantastic tutorial. I would pay for a complete course made in such way.
Great job.


Personally, I would not spend more than $7.50 on the Warhol entry.